Aaron Grabiak Photography & Fine Art. Aaron Grabiak Photography & Fine Art.


Hi! My name is Aaron Grabiak and I'm a Pittsburgh-based painter & photographer that specializes in Botanical and Wildlife art and photography. My goal is to create images that reflect the splendor of the natural world for you to enjoy in the comfort of your home or business! You can also visit my Facebook and Flickr pages at the links below for semi-daily updates and happenings!

I'm also happy to report that I now have many photographs and paintings available in print form. They are a great way to brighten your home or office, and also make a great, unique gift. They're also excellent for restaurants, hotels, and other businesses! If you have any questions, feel free to send an email my way.


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Q. Do you accept returns?

A. Within a 14 day timeframe from the time you receive your purchase, yes. There are no returns on commissioned items. Returns do not include return shipping costs.

Q. Speaking of commissions, do you accept commissions?

A. Sure! As stated above, I mostly work in botanical subject matter (particularly plants of the Northeast), but I can tackle other subjects such as buildings, pets, etc.... I will say that I don't particularly trust myself when it comes working with people/portraiture. I just haven't put the time in practice-wise. What can I say, I'm a still-life guy! Just email me at the address above & we can discuss your project!

Q. What is your education/training?

A. I have two years in Studio Art education and two years in Horticulture education, five years in retail nursery experience, and five years in landscape design/installation. I am largely self-taught, though. Practice, practice, practice.

Q. Do you shoot weddings?

A. I do not currently shoot weddings. I don't quite have all the back-up equipment & an additional person to help me shoot. That's a very specialized, competitive field, & I'll leave that to people who are better prepped for it. I also prefer to shoot in natural light, so indoor photography has always eluded me. I may be up for doing a family or engagement shoot in an outdoor location.

Q. What are some of your favorite plants?

A. I'm a big viburnum fan. Who isn't? ....Doublefile viburnum, daylilies (the good ones), ornamental conifers, (hinoki cypress, umbrella pine, etc), beech trees, all the new coral bell varieties... My favorite tree is the paperbark maple.

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